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a colour

by Five Mile Float

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released April 30, 2016

Produced and engineered by Jonathan Anderson (DCS Records)

Written and performed by FIve Mile Float:
Zack Block
Matt Ehasz
Nick Melville
Carlo Fourzan
Kirk Lehman.

Artwork by Ella Johnston
Mastered by Sage audio

©2016 DCS Records All Rights reserved



all rights reserved


Five Mile Float Albuquerque, New Mexico

Zack Block, Matt Ehasz, Nick Melville, Carlo Fourzan, Kirk Lehman

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Track Name: February 27th
Take your last breath of fresh air before the war
and watch the life you know fly out of the door,
I know it may seem crazy now, but that's how it plays out
When the life you know seems so simple
change will come with out a doubt

Now her eyes are taped to the ground
The two of you say goodbye with out a sound
And I know it may seem crazy now
but that's how it plays out
when the life you know seems so simple
Change will come with out a doubt
Track Name: A Summer Of George
Here's where we're holding
out in our stead with sea foam green walls
run down the halls, count holes in the ceiling,
slowly reeling back into the room, here in late June
and the most pressing thing I do is wait to see you
but now, oh no... I'll sit here alone

And George lost his mind,
Trying to please everyone all the time
but the summer was gone,
before he knew how he could move on
in the strangest way

Here in this room, you said you'd love to
in a colour I know sit here alone
but now it felt bitter, so in the winter
I left it alone, time it froze
and the people are lying,
Always trying, to take you a way,
What could I say...
Track Name: Morning Light
You are the moon,
there is nothing I won't do
just to lay here with you
before the sun rise,

How it comes just like the tide,
washing Sunday morning white,
and I'll be swallowed whole by you,
before I wake again

Tuesday morning I will rise,
rub the sun out of my eyes,
and know that I feel right at home,
with you by my side

Hope I was worth it
In time we'll forget
the things we've done,
But today we'll spend
in the sun
Track Name: Loose Interpretations
In the sun,
I was fast enough to run,
and on the ground I searched around,
because I thought I'd seen your face

And there's a light, how it shines
on your life, I see now
that warm glow will guide me through the night

In the sun I heard her call,
and I thought for sure
that everything I need is in your hands

There's a time, and place for this
where we'll get all that we wish,
because I know that I'll always need you
Track Name: Where Did We Go
Oh, where did you go,
I don't know
did you slip through the whole
that we made in our home
and I know you can see, how can it be you'd do this to me
So please do not go with out a crash,
I'll not look back

All will be well when we wake in the room
With blue lining the walls

Oh, where did I go,
I don't know
I left before snow
in November or so
And now I find I'm back just in time
but I still can't unwind
Track Name: Returning Tide
Tired sailor goes back to sleep
leaves behind the roaring sea
And knows that he must be prepared
for the change in the tide under his feet

I had no words when you fell through the roof,
how the glass flew all around my room,
and never was I aware that you could
change all my life with the wave of your hand,

I'm taking a drive,
Just to clear out my mind
and I don't know
where it goes,
but I'm not going home,
No I'm not going home

She asked me to write
her name, on the wall next to mine
and I don't know where we'll go,
but we're not alone,
no we're not alone
Track Name: Photograph
Well my friends I'm turning green I thought I'd let you know,
That all this stress that we've built up we finally let it go

We're just two blurred lines in a photograph my dear
nothing that I say to you will ever be so clear

Tie yourself back to the chair
we've not finished here
We'll cut you down and chew you out
till what we say is clear

Did you think that I was happy with the way
That you over overbearingly made sure of what I'd say
Track Name: Growing Cold
She said she loved me by the way I looked
I was above you but now it's understood
that when I hold her close to the flame,
She is trying so hard to escape

and how was I to know,
we'd grow cold,
and how were you to show
you're so bold,
when every number is another night alone

I'm looking down through this empty hall
how your eyes begin to fall
I'm thinking on what we had
how it left me like an empty glass,
and now I'm nothing, no way to turn back
Things you said all in the past
and when I'm held close to that flame,
I'm trying so hard to refrain

And how was I to know we'd grow cold,
and how were you to show,
you're so bold,
when every number is another night a lone
And is there a light on my head,
an early warning this love must be dead,
because nothing I say will get through to your head
Track Name: The Nomad
Now, we're losing all the light we thought we had,
and how those white clouds blocked my view of what it really was,
when I woke up in my bed I was thinking on how
everything I had would never last

can you feel your pulse now?
Or have you become the ghost that we put out
and can you feel your pulse now

Now, all the doors are locked,
the lights are low
to the room that I fell in your soul
and when I woke up one again
I was thinking on how
I'd go on my own
Till I find a home
Track Name: Post August
I can see you are tired
by the look that you keep in your eyes
and I will go if I need to
And I need to I need you to know

But I can't help but think we grew to fast
there was still so much time when I looked last,
and maybe all we dreamed we'll have if you're still here when I come back

With a wave you were pulled from me
and where you've gone was far beyond my reach
By August I could see
Everything that it meant to me

Because I can't help but think time moves to fast
there was still so much more when I looked last,
maybe all we dreamed we'll have if you're still here when I come back